DGA History

Stanley Oppenheim, President and Founder of DGA Security

When Stanley Oppenheim founded DGA Security Systems, Inc. in 1969, much of the industry’s technology remained essentially unchanged since the 19th century, especially in the transmission of alarm signals. In the 1970’s the emergence of digital communication suddenly challenged industry leaders to rethink their approach to designing and monitoring security systems. Few companies embraced these developing technologies like DGA, which quickly grew into New York’s largest independent provider of business security and fire solutions.

Industry Leadership In Engineering and Design

Today DGA installs more UL Listed security systems in New York than any other provider and it stands among an elite handful of companies approved by the FDNY to monitor fire alarms.

DGA’s commitment to innovation and unsurpassed service has led to a growing list of industry leading achievements. Among our highlights, DGA was:

  • One of the earliest companies to automate the monitoring of digital signals in a monitoring facility (1977)
  • The first security company to provide ubiquitous line security throughout the city of New York using both radio and derived channel technology (1990)
  • The first security company to electronically tag, track and inventory subscriber keys to provide immediate knowledge of key location (1992)
  • One of the first companies to provide central station-based managed access control service with integrated web access (1993)
  • The first New York security company to integrate alarm signal transmission and video monitoring to provide pre-event, post-event, and real time video upon alarm activation (2003)
  • Recipient of Central Station of the Year, which recognizes the UL Listed monitoring center in the United States that provides the most exceptional service to its customers (2009)

DGA is proud to continue the security industry’s rich tradition of technological achievement. As part of its commitment to the industry, DGA has assembled one of the world’s foremost collections of historical alarm equipment and documents, maintaining the DGA Museum and Archive as a tribute to the pioneers whose work established the spirit of innovation that drives the industry today.