National Accounts

DGA began providing national service to select clients by request in 1978. Today some of the world’s foremost luxury brands insist on DGA protection whenever they open North American locations.

One reason that growing businesses take DGA with them when they expand beyond New York is our refusal to lower our standards, even when codes and statutes in other cities allow it. Wherever they are installed, DGA systems are designed by the same highly trained security consultants to perform up to the same uncompromising specifications.

DGA’s monitoring center is another reason. No matter where our systems are located, each is connected to this state-of-the-art facility where DGA personnel use the most advanced technology available to keep our clients’ locations safe and secure. Innovations like DGA’s iWatch allow our monitoring center to virtually tour a
premises when an alarm is activated, remotely controlling our digital surveillance systems to help business owners protect themselves and their businesses.

As more businesses across the nation turn to DGA for security and access solutions, our reputation for extraordinary customer service and attention to detail has led many of the country’s most respected names to join the DGA family.