Terms and Conditions

The DGA Video Clip Retrieval service is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • You acknowledge that you are authorized to make this request under the terms and conditions of your company’s video surveillance contract with DGA.
  • You agree that DGA may view your video surveillance files so that it may locate and retrieve the requested video clip.
  • DGA will store a copy of requested video and any other files necessary for viewing the video on a secure online service so that you may download and view it when you choose.
    • DGA will email you a link to the online files. The link is a complex URL that is virtually impossible to be guessed or hacked. However, you acknowledge that DGA cannot protect the privacy of the files if the link is forwarded or otherwise shared with others.
    • If you do not wish to have the video stored online, you must inform DGA in writing.
    • If, after initially choosing to store the video online, you wish to have it removed, you must inform DGA in writing.
    • DGA reserves the right to remove your data at any time.
  • You agree to pay the stated shipping and handling charges for an archive CD of the requested video.
  • You may request up to four camera hours of video per month. A “camera hour” is defined as the duration of the video multiplied by the number of cameras. For example, a request for a 45 minute video segment from two cameras is considered 1.5 camera hours (0.75 hours x 2 cameras). If you need additional video, you must call DGA at (212) 840-5165.

If you have any question about the DGA Video Clip Retrieval service, please contact us at (212) 840-5165.